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CS2000 Features

  • 10 to 30 VDC input - reverse polarity protected

  • Fast RISC microprocessor controlled

  • Easy one touch setup - label sensitivity easily adjusted, to the optimal setting, by the push of a button

  • Missing label compensation - outputs a stop pulse even when a label is missing

  • Level shift or pulse output selectable

  • Light or dark operation selectable

  • Low label contrast setting available

  • Push-button may be momentarily depressed to output a stop pulse - very useful during machine setup

  • All settings saved in nonvolatile memory (EEPROM) - settings are not affected by power loss

  • NPN or PNP output selectable - 100mA, open collector, reverse polarity and short circuit protected

  • Precision machined and double hard anodized aluminum housing

  • 8 mounting holes - allows for many different mounting options

  • Large throat - 3" deep x 0.093" wide

  • Option of a 6" Quick Disconnect M12 4 Pin Male Cable/Connector - click here for more information...